0-10 Attempts to fly off the garage roof, meditates with Indian holy men and creates a church in his attic. 

10-20 Learns to sew, twirl pizza dough, dress in drag, weld, and comes into possession of a mystical cat bone necklace. A hammer does fall on his head and bounce off with no serious side effects. 

20-30 Held at gunpoint with a trunk full of his puppets in Paris, crosses the U.S. on motorcycle, learns to juggle and walk on stilts, and eats glass and one rusty staple. 

30-40 Settles down, renovates three houses, fells 40 foot trees with a chainsaw, becomes a dad, and plays a fire organ in front of a crowd nearly a thousand.


William Chambers is a socially engaged artist based in the United States. He holds an M.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, an M.Ed. from Antioch University, and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. He has been teaching students of all ages for 20+ years. He was artist in residence at Clark University fall 2017  and is the Visual Arts Chair at the Bancroft School. His work has been exhibited nationally in art museums, galleries and on street corners and is held in private collections on both coasts.  His performance pieces have been featured at the ICA, the Mattress Factory, and the American Visionary Art Museum to name a few. 2017 marked his first solo museum exhibition. Whether embodying the destruction of the home, rethinking dreams and urban decay, or asking the question "What's Missing?", William dissects complex issues in his interactive installations. The audience becomes his partner on a journey of discovery.  Humor, sleight of hand, raw emotion, and explosives are tools in William’s arsenal. William lives in central Massachusetts.